How to create a cult-like following and brand

Just last week I was asked for the millionth time whether or not my business was a cult. My answer has become YES, which tends to get funny looks. So here’s the question: If people refer to your business as a CULT, is that a bad thing?

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The 5 king hits that make your competition irrelevant

All happy companies are different and rarely need to compete on price.
All struggling companies are the same and are forced to compete on price.

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5 key principles that Apple use to keep us hooked

It was just announced that the new Apple Watch comes out on 24th April and already the excitement is building. For some people, the lure of a new Apple device is so powerful that they will stand in line for days to be the first person to get their hands on one.

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Where are you on the entrepreneur journey?

The entrepreneur journey is more predictable than you might think. There are 6 individual stages, each with their own set of struggles and challenges.

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